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Issue number 322
Pages 40, 41 & 42
Reviewer Josep Armengol
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DEC. 22, 2019 
In Hungarian

DEC. 21, 2019
P-135 pre-amplifier
IN Hungarian

KR Audio Kronzilla SXI MK II
By Dr John Richardson and James L Darby
No. 156 - Juin 2010

Haute Fidelite' "KR Audio Kronzilla SXI - Un Sacre Mostre", 
by Dominique Mafrand, pgs. 62-65,

Munich Show

Kronzilla SDi35

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Antwerp on you tube" & Geluid 2010 - 6"



VA 300

Jan. 7-10, 2010

Dec. 5, 2009
in Swedish

Music Belgium Hifi Show 10/10

October  2009
Tube Collector
(Tube Collector Association TCA)
vol. 11, no. 5
"Contemporary Tube Manufacture:  KR Audio Electronics"
by Abel Santoro
pgs. 11-16

1 Sept. 2009
KR Audio Antares VA320
by Mr. Daniel Brezina
HiFi Voice

*NB This model recieved the 2009 Recommended Components award'

340 review under section High Fidelity in Czech entitled, 
'Kralovstvi' za triody', Pavel Visek, Stereo& Video, May 2009, pages 58-59

Consumer show at Rotterdam, March 28-29, 2009

February 23, 2009
Het Noord Hollands Dagblad, Mr. Martien Douw, 
page Stad en Streek {in Dutch} about the VA880 amplifier

MUSIC Emotion, Dec. 2009, "Passie voor Muziek", Musical Reality: Cor Dekker en Jonathan de Graaf, 
pgs. 60-64 {in Dutch}discussion of the Kronzilla with many beautiful photos , issue NR 12 Jaargang 4

Nov. 20, 2008 author Nenad Grakalic, 
tube factory tour in Croatian, pg. 33

Sept. 2008

Kronzilla SD review

review by Wojciech Pacuła In English!ev/artykuly/24_09_2008/kr.html
Interview in Polish with Dr. Eunice Joy Kron

340 Anatres stereo integrated

of May 2008

'Proc Ne?
Hospodaarske noviny,
No 2, 2008, "Stare dobre elekronky se vraceji", 
Jan Novak, pg.s 36-40/photos (in Czech}' 

March 2008


Kronzilla SXI

Stereoplay 3/08 {in German} (,
"Ubersinnlich" Test and Technik ' by Johannes Maier; technical measurements by Peter Schuller, 
pgs. 116-121


Feb. 6-12, 2008

Prague Post as, "Business" vol.17, no. 6,
High Fidelity-Prague Company Pushes for analog Quality in a Digital World',
pgs. A8 and A10



 --'High Fidelity', Test of KR AUdio Kronzilla SXI, Title, "Towers of Harmony", In Greek.


-- 'Sound and Vision', Test of the Anatres 340, Comments:" Three dimensional, 
    superb ultra Hi-End", In Greek

Kronzilla SXI review from USA,

Dec. 2007

-Settembre 2007

Fidelita del Suono, no 141,  Front Cover photo of the Kronzilla SXI di Paolo Mattei, 
(TECNICA) Un triodo grande per un grande amplificatore, 
pg. 93-96, (in Italian)



Kronzilla SXI review, magazine tests and interview:
(n Russian)

- 27-28 October 2007

KR Audio Electronics Kronzilla SX door Robert Van Waes,

  --  October 2007

Radio Technology, KR Audio Electronics , Dr. Eunice Kron, interview, {in Japanese}, pgs. 78-83
Toshio Okamoto : Hearing from Dr.Eunice Kron on the Developing  Philosophy toward the Vaccume tube

-- LP Magazin Fur Analoges HiFi & Vinyl Kultur (6-th bimonthly edition of 2007) {in German}, 
"Hoch Hinaud" Test: Vollverstaarker KR Audio SXI Purist, pg. 54-59


- ano 11-no 116 setembro/2006,, Audio & Video, 'Correspondencia', 
" KR Audio Products",  written by Juraci Fiori with reply by Fernado Andrette, pg. 19 & 20 (Portugese).


-  26.01.2007

"L'invenzione che rivoluzione il mondo", DP Trade Presenta il final a valvole 'Kronzilla'
Kronzilla SX & DX in Italian

-  Feb. 2007 

- July 2005

- Dec. 2001, AudioXpress
"Revenge KR842VHD tube amplifier" by Mr. Mauri Pannari

Cor's up-date for the Awards section: 


- Hospodarske Noviny 12-14 Leden 2007 Podniky a Trhy, "Cesky hi-tech ve Vegas? Prijela jen jedina' firma, Zuzana Lunakova, pgs. 15 and 18, more..


- Dec. 2006 Audio Video, "Pabrik Tabung KR Audio Praha" pgs. 31-33 (Indonesian)

- November 2006 - Big Time, a monthly dedicated to life style, pushished by rating Magazines (2005) Ltd. 
ILDC Group/The Israeli Land Development Ltd (in Hebrew: Hachsharat Ha Yishuv), owner of Daily Ma'ariv also owns Rating Magazine, 
Ran Levi on the Kronzilla DX, one page called "The Top One-Thousandth"

- November 2006 - Alta Fidelidad, 340 review, Alen Audio (in Spanish)

- Dec. 2006 Kronzilla DM monoblocks, by Mr. Bradley Morrical

- October (No. 67) in French,

- September
in Chinese (KR 300B Tube), Hong Kong World

- July-August, 2006 "100 Year Tube Story Vi-fi Audio.Video. Muziek & Film (in Dutch) , KR Audio 340

- June
Audiophile, "Naked Power", 'The Kronzilla SX has nothing to hide' by Mr. Greg Borrowman, Sydney Morning Herald, June 26, 2006- July 2, 2006, pg. 7

Australian HI-FI and Home Theatre Technology, KR Audio Kronzilla SX review with front cover page by Mr. Andy Brown, pg. 34-37

Australian HI-FI and Home Theatre Technology, KR Audio Kronzilla SX, Test Report by Mr. Steve Holding, pgs. 38-40

- Kronzilla DX monoblocks by Mr. Rick Becker, May 2006

- August
(in Chinese) 300B Tube article in Hong Kong Audiophile

- Issue 44 (April), HI-FI +, review of 320 by Mr. Roy Gregory as "KR Audio Antares Single-Ended Hybrid Power Amp by Mr. Roy Gregory, pgs. 94-97

- January 2006, Kronzilla SX review in
Audio Hi Fi & Home Theater (in Korean), pgs. 134-137

- January, Tube Kingdom (in Japanese),
KR 300B pgs. 103-110.


- 340 review( in French), "Ampli Integre KR 340 by Mr. Christophe-Emmanuel Lucy, Haute Fidelite, pgs. 30-32.

- KR 300B tube review by Mr. Dick Olsher

- December
Kronzilla DM review by Mr. Anthony Kershaw

- 300B Tube review by Mr. Geoff Husband, June 2005

- 340 stereo integrated review by Mr. Rick Becker, May 2005


- 340 stereo integrated review, "From the Czech Republic with Love", Audiophilia by Mr. Anthony Kershaw



- Issue 66, Hi-Fi Journal (in Korean)
Kronzilla DM monoblocks (front page cover), pg 67 and pgs. 134-135

- October

- September


- December/Jan., Home Studio, (in Dutch)
"200 Kilo Versterker en Luidsprekers", pgs. 8-9

- December/Jan., Home Studio (in Dutch)
"Buizen Beslommeringen" 300B tube, pg. 21

- December, KR Kronzilla DM monoblocks by Mr. Dick Olsher

- Sept. 2003

- International Herald Tribune
Business Technology by Victoria Shannon, June 30, 2003

January 2003

Club Magazine,'KR Audio Reality", by Jan Luxemburk, pgs. 26-27


- March, Prague Post, Business and technology section as

- review of the Kronzilla DM monoblocks, Audiophile (in German), 'Kron-Juwelen", pgs. 14-16 plus photo extensive coverage


-July/August, Music Home, no. 6, Het muziek & hifi magazine (in Dutch) "Referentieset KR"


- September , no.9 Music Home (in Dutch),
"Kronzilla Psychedelische Triode Trip!"