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July 2019
The KR T-1610 tube, the largest audio tube designed, also know as the
Kronzilla has been chosen as a permanent exhibit. It is a static demo
at the Audio History Library & Museum in New York.
It will sit next to the first tube audio amplifier made by Robert von
Lieben in 1912 .
Museum address:
Audio History Museum
221 East 70th Street #1979
New York, New York 10021-0050
tel. 917 770 7875


July 2017
The Howard Schrader Award awarded by the TCA
Tube Collector's Association of America
in recognition of KR Audio Electronics' dedication for
the Preservation of Tube Technology


May 2016
Re Music
rivista online
A Spark in the Dark, VA 350 from / using the KR T-100 tube application, a superior 845 tube design


May 2016
Image Hi fi
Kronzilla DX using the KR T-1610 tube design, a double triode based on a parallel KR 300BXSL tube application


January 2016
for the pre-amplifier P-130


May 2013
AV Showroom Achievement Award
High End Electronics
KR Audio
Newport, California


United Kingdom
Outstanding Product of the Year
Kronzilla SXI
Hi Fi News & Record Review
Yearbook 13
pg. 63

December 2013
Kronzilla VA680
Reference Standard beating all top name brands with 144 points
article/review in German
pgs. 144-147


May 5, 2013
Select Components Award
awarded by Ultra Audio
Antares VA 340



Best sound at the Denver show


Digitown Hi End show, 27-28OCT10, Maccabia convention center, Tel Aviv Audiofreak, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

October 15-17, 2010 Denver, Colorado Kronzilla SXI MKII as BEST AMPLIFIER OF THE SHOW 2010 at the RMAF'10 awarded by the Stereo Mojo team.

"May 2010 Manufacturer's Special Tribute to KR Audio Electronics sro Prague, Czech Republic and Superior Audio"

14-15 November 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW for the Kronzilla DM monoblocks

Music Emotion Magazine 2 feb 2010

Show news
Audio Show Alkmaar 6&7 feb. 2010 from 10.30 until 18.00
model Antares VA320 20 wattsRMS stereo amplifier

May 21-24, 2009, Munich Hi-End Show 'BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW Hi-End 2009'

KR Kronzilla SXI tested at the Stereoplay room. The German magazine sponsored a comparison during the fair with the Macintosh MC 7000 AC/GammuT IT 150t/Brinkmann "Vollverstarker". Visiting public in all the listening sessions voted the KR Kronzilla SXI (stereo integrated 50 WattsRMS) amplifier BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW


BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for the Kronzilla SXI awarded by High Fidelity magazine as!ev/artykuly/24_09_2008/kr1.html
March 2008 Kronzilla SXI Stereoplay Kronzilla stereo integrated model no. SXI BEST STEREO in its category, 3/08 pg. 46


"BEST SOUND of the SHOW" for Eurogram with the Kronzilla SD at the Brussles Show, Sheraton Hotel, October 6-7, 2007 voted by the visiting public.


-BEST AMPLIFIER OF THE YEAR 340 stereo integrated Antares prize by


-Kronzilla DM has won the BEST TUBE AMPLIFIER award for 2006 in Stereoplay, 5/2006, Stereoplay Highlight, pg. 56


-AUDIOPHLE EQUIPMENT OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2005 as Chosen by The Enjoy the Music Ediors, KR Audio 300B Balloon Triode Tube as in

-BEST 10 AUDIO in YEAR 2005, Hifi Journal 71 (in Korean) 2006.3 issue) for the Kronzilla SX


- BEST AMP OF THE YEAR awarded for the 340 stereo integrated by

- BEST 10 AUDIO IN YEAR 2004, Hifi Journal 66 (in Korean) for Kronzilla DM (2005.5)


-Kronzilla DM monoblocks BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW, Frankfurt Hi-end show voted by the public among the competing all tube same price and same power tube and same price all solid state